Don’t you sometimes wish…

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That you had someone cheering you on from the sidelines? Be it a simple word of encouragement when going through the tough season or just a little humour when life is glum?

I have found myself looking over old photographs, remembering times past and thinking “If only I had someone who could have helped me navigate that season”.

I believe that there is a cloud of witnesses cheering us on from Heaven, but how awesome is it to know that there are also people here on earth (besides immediate family and friends) who stand along side us, who want to see us flourish in everything we set our mind to and who genuinely care about the condition of our heart?

Well I want to be that someone in your world 😉 I will cheer you on through music, poetry and spoken word.

Sign up to my content because I know it will add value into your world.

We don’t have to do this journey alone!


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